2018 NaBloPoMO Wrap-Up

Thank you all for checking out my posts this month and commenting. It has been such fun to dive back into my blog. 

Blogging this month

Oh my how time flies, and it is almost the end of November and NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month).

November Birthday

Another year has passed and I find myself thinking of this saying:

The days are long, but the years are short 

Looking up

Often we find ourselves watching our feet…

Corner Desk Design

One project I am considering undertaking with Ben is creating a new corner desk. I have browsed Pinterest for ideas…

Walk-in Attic Upgrade

The biggest project currently underway this month is upgrading our walk-in attic to be better insulated and conditioned so we don’t get the extreme temperatures.

Senior design CAD work

My first experience with CAD was creating models for my college senior design project. My project was an electronic version of the board game Clue(TM).

Plating Dinner

I try to work on plating my food as practice for my photography.

Happy Thanksgiving

From my table to yours I wish you a happy Thanksgiving! May you enjoy good company and delicious food. Whether its a small or large gathering, friends or family, I wish you all safe travels and God bless.

Cute Dinosaur 3D Print

I love this little guy! The sanding and painting turned out great, and to boot, I had all the paint colors already at home!

CAD Plant Stand Design

One item I thought I might like to print someday is a couple of plant stands. Here is my first attempt at designing one for 3d printing.

I love traditional hymns

I love the traditional Lutheran service in part because of the hymns. They are familiar to me and thus beloved. The collective voice of a congregation brought together is full of passion, emotion, and community.