Cute Dinosaur 3D Print

I love this little guy! The sanding and painting turned out great, and to boot, I had all the paint colors already at home!

CAD Plant Stand Design

One item I thought I might like to print someday is a couple of plant stands. Here is my first attempt at designing one for 3d printing.

I love traditional hymns

I love the traditional Lutheran service in part because of the hymns. They are familiar to me and thus beloved. The collective voice of a congregation brought together is full of passion, emotion, and community. 

Trying a Health Snack

A few days ago I came home hungry from work. In my attempt to eat healthier I tried making some roasted brussel sprouts. 

Adulting & Puppies

Sometimes things feel overwhelming. I get home from work and I just stop, relax, cozy up on the couch and watch TV or read a book.

Pieces in various stages

I have made a few fun things now and they can be found in various stages of being a “finished” product. Finished being defined by opinion and by who you may ask.

Happiness and Dogs

There are many ways to be happy, but one I find particularly easy is the goofy grin of a puppy.

Sims Home Designs

I think it was late elementary when I was first introduced to the Sims games. Somehow I fell in love with creating characters, homes, and playing out their days.

First Snow’s Morning

First Snow’s Morning: Winter’s kiss is upon the grass Crisp fresh air whips against your face Swirling crystals have fallen at last The morning surprise will soon pass Finding paw prints all over the place Treasure the memory for it soon will be the past Sweetly, Gwenlynn

Kitchen Sink Cookies

I’ve never made a kitchen sink cookie till now. I love the idea behind it. Getting to toss your delicious baking scraps into a cookie dough.