In The Kitchen: Bacon Roses?

In The Kitchen - Bacon Roses-

When you have leftover buttercream… experiment!

Back in May, I did just that with leftover buttercream from my husband’s birthday cake and an another batch of frosting from mother’s day. Those being a wine and light peach color combination. To say the least, I was not sure exactly how they would blend together. But results showing in photos below I think they did just fine.


I used an open star tip and swirled the frosting on top some cupcakes to make roses. Once I started piping a few out I noticed that the colors together actually remind me of bacon roses. If you have not seen a bacon rose, I suggest you google them. I may have made bacon roses for my husband, then boyfriend, at the time a few years back 🙂


The lesson I learned in the kitchen that day was that it can pay to experiment. You might just discover something! Do you see a bacon rose in the cupcakes, let me know in the comments below!

Happy baking,


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