Inspiration: Crafts and Cookies

Inspiration - Crafts & Cookies

Crafting comes in so many forms and being a creator opens up, even more, areas that usually do not fall under the label of crafting such as cookie decorator. Today’s post is to those who love to create delicious cookies that mimic other crafting styles and those who love to sew and paint. Check out Hol_Fox and SweetAmbs Instagram cookie pics below.

*The creations noted in this post are not my own, please follow the links to see the original posts.

All the painting tools you need in a box of cookies by SweetAmbs!

Maybe sewing is more your style. Get your bobbins lined up and admire the detail on these sewing machines and spool cookies by Hol_Fox.

Grab some paints and maybe some glitter and a cookie or two of these, by Hol_Fox!

What crafts do you enjoy doing or are you more of a baker yourself?

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