From House to Home

From House to Home

The starting of this blog coincides with a big life event, buying our first home! As many may know the kitchen is a key area. I am so excited to have additional space to roll out cookie dough and to soon have room for my cookbooks to be on the counter instead of proped up on a cutting board overtop the sink as I work. Oh, how I am dreaming of my new kitchen… just two more weeks!

Then comes the packing, moving, unpacking and my favorite part (not kidding) organization of everything. Growing up I enjoyed reorganizing and finding new ways to make things function better. I would love it if I could forego the packing it all up into boxes first and then transporting. If only we had teleportation.

From House to Home - side by side 1

I’ll be posting updates as the move is coming along and other projects as we make our first house into our home.  Stay tuned, to see what our first few projects are and how much our puppy, Emma, enjoys the new home and yard.






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