Inspiration: French Macarons

Inspiration - French Macarons

I first enjoyed a French Macaron at a little sweet shop that opened up in the town I was living in. They have a few flavors and I simply fell in love with how dainty and delicious they were. I was so excited about this sweet shop and these macarons that I took it as a challenge to learn to make them for myself. I learned pretty quickly that they are bit trickier than they seem to get those desired ‘feet’ on the cookie. To sum up my experiences thus far I am still learning and will be sure to give them a try again and post an update on my progress.

Now with all that said let’s give props to these two bakers who make french macarons look amazing and customizable.

*The creations noted in this post are not my own, please follow the links to see the original posts.

Enjoy coffee? Maybe a tiramisu macaron is for you. MainelyMacaron posted these dessert bites over on Instagram.

Maybe you enjoy a more citrus dessert, like a peach or a macaron that looks like a peach! It is wonderful to see how other’s customize a sweet treat to fit a variety of tastes and themes. These bite size peach dreams were created by LetterPressBakery.

If you were to create a macaron, what flavor would you make?



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