From House to Home: A Couch

From House to Home - Couch

Many people have new year’s resolutions, you know to start the year off on a good foot or with the right intentions. Well, I sort of didn’t come to my resolution to become healthier until November of 2016. I cannot recall what was the final push but things just lined up, a gym 6 mins away, a desire to be stronger, etc…

Ben (husband) and I joined the near by gym and within a week I had signed up for twice a week personal training because I frankly needed help. I did not know how to properly use equipment, correct form, and wasn’t sure how to create a plan for my body and one that would work.

What I have learned over the last several months is small steps and making changes that are long term (lifestyle) not a fad or quick fix that leads to reverting back. I am not saying I understand it all because it really depends on the person. But I am proud of the progress I have made so far, thus leading me to the new couch we just bought for our home!

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We got a transformer couch, yup, you heard that right. It’s a sectional but can be taken apart and rearranged as desired. Due to a recent vacation, we had it delivered to the stored, so we could pickup after we got back. Since it is not a traditional sectional it does not come as one piece instead it comes in many boxes, and we picked them all up the day before we got the house. See pic below of truck full of boxes.


The night forecast and our apartment arrangement lacks a garage so we then needed to carry all said boxes up a flight of stairs into our apartment. The boxes with the couch sides weigh about 36lbs and I am proud to say I carried 7 of them up a flight of stairs that night. *arm flex + grin*


The next morning we loaded up the truck again to go close on our house and begin the process of moving. One of the first items being moved… you guessed it, the couch. So those boxes once again got carried down a flight of stairs to then be unloaded into the family room of our new house.

I’ll post more updates as we continue make our new house our home and as I get photos moved over to my computer… 🙂





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