From House to Home: Mailboxes

From House to Home - Mailbox

It’s small in comparison to the whole house, but a mailbox is a nice feature to owning a home. In all my past apartments I have always had to go to a central location and have my mail key on hand in order to pick up my mail. Now I just put my car in park on my way up the drive from work, hop out, grab the mail out of the box (no key required) and continue on my way into the house. It’s a great perk!

Also for those that send me snail mail, their notes get to me faster because it’s easy and on my way, so I get my mail every day, opposed to every 4-5 days…. 🙂



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  1. Katie says:

    I used to be terrible about getting my mail.. maybe every 7-10 days! I’ve gotten better in the last few weeks though. I’ve realized if it’s in smaller doses I’ll go through it and file it away rather than letting it accumulate in a pile the counter!

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    1. Gwenlynn says:

      Hi Katie!
      I totally understand, our mail tends to pile up on our kitchen table. I am hoping that in our current move I can designate a different location for this kind of clutter so that is still visible but not forgotten. I also am trying to be better about sorting through the mail right when I bring it in the house/apartment.
      Good Luck!


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