From House to Home: Unpacking Begins

This post marks my blogging for 1 month and last weekend was the big move from the apartment to the house. Thus I have lots of unpacking to do, but hey I typically enjoy the reorganizing part.

I have heard and agree with the generalization that most people gravitate and gather in the kitchen of a home. With this in mind and the already accumulated clutter in the kitchen, I decided to start there with my unpacking endeavor.

I started my process by opening up all the cabinets, so I can easily look up and see what space I have left to work with as I unpack. Reality is that I don’t put things in a place until I fully unpack, so my counter tops quickly became overcrowded, but I personally like to revisit all the items I have before selecting the best new home.

Kitchen unboxed

The kitchen with everything unpacked

As I reflect on my kitchen organization, here are a few tips:

  • Get everything out and visible
  • Put away the everyday items first
    • Plates, bowls, glasses, utensils, etc.
    • Place them in readily accessible areas (close to the sink, by dishwasher, all together in a cupboard)
  • Next put away the most commonly used items
    • Skillets & pots
    • Containers for leftovers, pans
    • Appliances (mixer, food processor, etc..)
  • Then put remaining large items away
    • Placing them in the back of cabinets or up high
  • Put away tools in drawers
    • Pizza cutter, measuring cups/spoons, etc…

Kitchen midway organized

Kitchen organization in progress

As I was finding spots for my commonly used items I was asking myself these questions:

  1. Do I want to keep getting it out of a cabinet or have it on a counter all time?
  2. Do I have lids for this, if so can I store them near by?
  3. Is this heavy? If yes, then should I store it down low?

Kitchen organized

Finally an organized kitchen!

What tips and tricks do you use when you organize?




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