In the Kitchen: Baking Sheets & More

Continuing from my post about how I organize my spices I decided to share a bit more about my kitchen organization. In past apartments, I have had a free standing baking sheet holder and kept it on top of my fridge. I kept it there because that has been the only space that would allow for my long baking sheets and be out of the way yet accessible. So I was very pleased to see that above the built in microwave and oven there were already some dividers in place.

Actually, there was one divider and two more sets of clips already in place. I did find the remaining two dividers in the attic! But due to some broken clips, we decided to get four new dividers to create more sections. This allows me to easily access my baking sheets, muffin tins, pizza pan, cutting boards, and more! Even better is that when I remove items I don’t have to consider how the weight of other items might tip the whole thing over… that may have happened a couple of times with the apartment setup.

ITK - Baking Sheet Org



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