Iced Pumpkin Bites

I decided to wrap up this month of trying new pumpkin recipes with something sweet. Pumpkin bites coated in maple icing. The bites were easy to mix up in a bowl and filled up three mini muffin tins. I got all three tins to fit on one rack in the oven and they baked for 12 minutes. Once out I let them cool a few minutes in the pan before moving to the cooling racks to coat them.

Plated Iced Pumpkin Bites

The icing process was really easy as I could dip the tops into the icing and with a roll of the wrist, the excess icing would drip off before I moved onto the next. Once coated in the icing I sprinkled a pinch of cinnamon sugar over top. They looked wonderful as seen pictured and I delightfully ate a few up. 

Iced Pumpkin Bites FlatlayIced Pumpkin Bites

I packed the remaining sweet pumpkin bites up into my baked goods carrier, all ready to take to work to share. Though the next morning I noticed that the icing had not set. Instead, the pumpkin bites were coated in a thin stickiness that looked only like the maple syrup and had also pooled at the bottom of the container. I believe the lesson this time is to let the baked good cool “completely” before applying icing so that the icing can set on top.

Iced Pumpkin Bites on wire rack



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