In a Dog’s World

Every day after work I get to come home to this amazing four-legged friend, Emma. Day 2 of my blogging every day in November challenge I am going to blog not about food but about my Corgi named Emma.

If the world was her’s it would be a happy and relaxing place. I would throw tennis balls for her tirelessly and then hand out ice cubes and treats.

When she was a bit smaller and easier to hold, though I do still pick her up for a cuddle, she would relax and rest her head on my shoulder. Emma would melt my heart as I would say and she still does. I can be worried and busy and caught up in the rush of today and look at her and she makes me stop and smile. Can you blame me, she is so darn adorable.

If you love seeing photos of her and want to see more head on over to her Instagram and give her a follow. @Emma_CardiganCorgi Do you have a pet that just makes your day a bit better? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear stories.



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