Sorting Cookie Cutters

Sorting Cookie Cutters

Yesterday, I took the time to lay out all my cookie cutters and organize them by type. I had been given a large tin filled with them from my grandma. This allowed me to take stock of what kinds of shapes I have and what I may still want and look for when I shop.

Cookie Cutters

I learned that I have a lot of bird shapes! I’ve got ducks, chicks, turkeys, etc. So many that they were a category of their own in a gallon size bag instead of the quart size. I used labeled ziplock bags to sort and organize the cutters so that I can more easily find shapes in the future. I really hope work on my royal icing skills in the upcoming months. I just love watching the tutorials and icing clips on Instagram and Youtube and would love to develop my skill more.

Cookie CuttersCookie Cutters

As I was looking through my collection I found two that I am not sure what they are. Let me know if you have any ideas, in the comments.

Mystery Cookie Cutters



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