Customizable Pasta Dinner

It’s nice when after a long day you can easily put a dinner together. One of my go-to’s is pasta with plain alfredo then each bowl can be customized with spices. Typically I’m in the mood for pesto and Ben wants cajun, that works just fine. I can serve up the pasta and just add toppings. 🙂

Along with our pasta entrees, we are trying out some frozen side dishes. Last night we tried a steamed Mediterranean Quinoa with spinach, tomatoes, and feta cheese. It tasted great, I think I’ll keep this one on my grocery list. What foods have you been trying?



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  1. loristory says:

    I made crepes with a spinach-ricotta filling … they took hours but were worth the effort!


    1. Gwenlynn says:

      Oh that sounds delicious! Sometimes I find that the effort put in makes it all the better.

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  2. I never thought about pasta like that. I’ve used different pasta types because my Father has trouble eating spaghetti because he is blind and I have to serve him other types of pasta while the rest of the family eats spaghetti. However, mixing up different spice/herb mixes is a terrific idea, then you all get to eat what you want without being forced to all eat the same thing at one time, genius 🙂

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