Finishing the Year Strong

I’ve been on a journey for a year now. Last November I joined a gym, I talk about it a bit in one of my earliest posts on the blog, here. Change was in the air I suppose as many events have unfolded since then. I felt that as it is near the mid-end of November again I would reflect back on that first step.

I’m not traditionally athletically inclined. What does that mean? Well, I didn’t ever really like to run even though I tried soccer for a few years. I like to swim but more like a leisure activity and with an active imagination… you know mermaids and all that. 😀 I fell in love with horseback riding and that was my exercise and my passion throughout high school and college. Yes, that is exercise! It’s not common or a traditionally thought of form of exercise but it was what I found was for me.

Exiting college and entering the workforce I lost connection to that world and thus stopped exercising much. I didn’t know my way around weight equipment and knew that I found treadmills to be punishing, but I wanted to be stronger and to be able to run around after nephews and nieces and my new puppy. To help my cause a gym was very close to my apartment at the time.

Thus I started personal training sessions. Shout out to Kelsey for being amazing! For showing me what I can do and how I can improve and see my improvements in my everyday life. Along with laughing with me and at me and putting up with my uncontrollable yawning. Honestly, I don’t understand why I yawn so much. The accountability of having those sessions really helped me keep at my goals.

On the note of accountability, I am making a new goal to finish out 2017 strong! I intend to do my best to get in a workout on most days. *cough cough* Yes I know I see the loophole already BUT since I have put this out here, you all can help keep me accountable in the comments section. *no pressure* I’ll post proof over on my Instagram stories of my at home workouts.

If you’re up to the challenge also let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to help encourage you on your journey.



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  1. I agree with finding the right exercise for you that is fun. I avoid punishing exercise routines that are boring because exercise is a chore in itself. You might as well find a physical sport you enjoy and then do that all the time. I’m sure chasing your puppy will keep you fit too, probably more than chasing nieces or nephews! 🙂

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    1. Gwenlynn says:

      I wish my puppy gave me all the exercise I need, but she is pretty good at fetch and bringing the ball back. Thus I don’t have to go around much picking it up. Recently I’ve picked up my hula hoop again and it helps me get in some cardio.

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