Inspiration: Naked Cakes

Naked cakes seem to be trending in the last year or so. Whether you like to follow the flow or love the idea of a cake with minimal frosting, then this just may be the cake for you. These cakes follow a less is more / clean design style that makes them simple to assemble and quick to deliver, if you were given short notice. This posts’ two creators have been my inspiration for a while now, I love watching their videos on youtube and gaining a better understanding of cake decorating. Check out the pins below for yourself!

*The creations noted in this post are not my own, please follow the links to see the original posts.

Mini Ombre Cake:

The ombre transition of color is just soothing to look at. The gradual transition from one color to another is beautiful, yet rather simple. As it follows the curve of the color wheel or spoke. This mini cake has a clean design as you only frost in between your layers of yummy cake. Cupcake Jemma creates fantastic tutorials on youtube, go check them out!

Textured Frosting Cake with Fruit:

Going for a cake a bit bigger then try out Rosie’s Dessert Spot’s two tier naked cake tutorial. I am sure this could pair down to a smaller version just fine if you are looking for a little bit of sweetness with no guest fan-fare. This cake may not have a lot of frosting but it sure looks loaded with fresh fruits and a generous sprinkle of powder sugar!

You can find more from Rosie’s Dessert Spot on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube!



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