Onto December Soon

The November blog posting challenge will be wrapping up tomorrow. I’ll be posting a recap of my post of over the last month as wrap up but have decided to take this evening to reflect.

It’s been harder than I thought. If you haven’t noticed I’m not typically very wordy, I think this everyday challenge has stretched me a bit thin and a challenge to determine what to post each day. I find that I feel the most blog-worthy when my hands are tied up doing something else, like dishes or on a long drive… if only my thoughts could type themselves. Otherwise, I guess I will keep at this and continue to try new things and find my jam so to speak.

I think I am learning that it is okay to not be wordy. Some of the other blogs I enjoy are simple posts of a single picture followed by a caption. Something beautiful, eye-candy for the soul.

I’ve found that there is a lot to learn about blogging, food photography, and posting videos, but the support I have received from joining the Cheer Peppers on the journey of blogging every day in November has been amazing. Please go check out some of their works over the last month with the links below.

This page is intentionally left blank. – Bug Bytes


“The First Time We Feel Rain” by David Ellis – toofulltowrite

Satur-yay! – Faith Hope & Chocolate




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  1. TY for the shout out Gwenlynn, I appreciate it very much. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts very much, they have given me a lot to enjoy and savour throughout the days that I have sampled them 🙂

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