Caring Jambalya

*This is not a sponsored post.

In the area we live in, a big fundraising effort is made in December for We Care. Efforts involve Christmas light displays, people out collecting with donation buckets at intersections, a telethon, and apparently a shop with cookbooks!


We Care funds raised go to several organizations to help those in need. You can read more about their mission on their website here or by going to

This year we picked up a cookbook and decided to try out the jambalaya recipe found on page 106 (I believe we have the 2010 cookbook). We made only one alteration to the recipe as I am not fond of seafood, so you’ll notice in the pictures that it is jambalaya minus the shrimp.

The recipe was simple to follow and very easy to make with one person prepping and other stirring and mixing ingredients in. The main cooking process was simmering and waiting.

Once finished it was delicious. We scooped it up into bowls and poured some milk and sat down to enjoy a hot meal and some tv on the couch. Emma was very interested in getting a taste as she cozied up next to me and set her big eyes on my food. She is so adorable and got to lick the bowls after.


Do you like jambalaya?



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