Chocolate Pretzel Holiday Snack

Chocolate Pretzel Holiday Snack

M&M Pretzel Snack

This holiday snack is salty and sweet, yum yum! Round pretzels filled will kisses and M&Ms. Sweet milk chocolate and a salty pretzel keep me coming back for more. They are relatively easy to make. The only time-consuming part is unwrapping all your chocolate kisses firsts, I suggest watching a movie or tv show while doing this.

Adding M&Ms

To soften the kisses I found the instructions over here on Tasty Kitchen for the oven temp and time. A note, at first I was using kisses that I unwrapped last year and they just crumbled in the oven instead of softening. I suggest using fresh kisses or ones you’ve just unwrapped. 🙂

Happy snacking!



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