Homeownership Adventures… and Plumbing!

In the short time since we’ve gotten our home, we have done the regular things to make a home ones’ own and normal maintenance: painted, had new carpet installed, weeded, unpacked, picked up walnuts from the yard, mowed, shoveled snow, installed a fencing solution, etc….

Beyond those tasks, we have also woken up in the morning to no water pressure to then by the end of the day have had paid for a new well pump. Oh, Yea! I suppose this is why we have an emergency fund for days like these and a good thing too we did already have one ready established.

That was just about two weeks ago.

Today I was just lounging around on a day off, watching some TV shows. One show ended and when I got up I thought the utilities may be sounded a bit off and I shrugged it off, thinking I was overthinking it. I went to the kitchen sink (the reason I cannot recall anymore) and low and behold the water wasn’t coming out as much as it usually does.

I go around checking other sinks and find the similar result and finally the shower where nothing comes out. I get on my jacket and shoes and head out the utility closet. Upon opening the closet I find water spraying up from a pipe coming out the crawl space. Aha a burst pipe! 😦

Within a couple hours, we have a couple guys out from a local company that quickly help replace the pipe, which was a very thin piece of pipe, and the cost is much lower than replacing a well pump. I’m hoping we are getting over the initial hurdles and have a long period of smooth sailing ahead of us in this house.

What home adventures have you had recently?



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Currently living without a washing machine here, it’s poorly sick. It’ll start the wash cycle, but stop after filling up with water and soap. Which makes life rather difficult. Fortunately, there’s a chap booked to come and look at it on Monday afternoon, so fingers crossed he can fix it!


    1. Gwenlynn says:

      Sorry to hear that, I hope it’s an easy fix. *crossed-fingers* We had to get a new washer a couple years ago it was making awful noises.


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