The Thing About Salads …

Now let’s get honest, I’ve been posting a lot of photos of well-balanced dinners over on my Instagram. All inspired and feeling that “Yes” I can totally do this on the regular after that cooking class last week.

I do, scratch that, I can enjoy a good salad.

My qualifications for a good salad:

First, I’ve learned over the years is that I like good greens like spinach and arugula. I want my salad to be a strong green, not iceberg lettuce, aka washed out green. Instead, I am looking for is what a toddler learns to identify as green.

Second is to say yes to fruits like raspberries! Something delicious and mouthwatering that you’d eat alone just fine and you’d want every bite to include. Like strawberries, blueberries, roasted butternut squash (I can apparently add this to my list)

Thirdly, the extras, that make the salad not boring. Toss in nuts and grated cheese. I personally enjoy walnuts or almonds and parmesan or feta cheese.

Next, add some protein, like pieces of turkey, bacon, or ham. I recommend turkey and ham with a honey dressing.

Finally and importantly a good choice in dressing. Ranch and blue cheese are classics, but experiment and try some vinegar-based dressings with salads featuring fruits.

Wow, you’ve read this far, thanks! To be real, the first couple salads I put on my plate recently I have really enjoyed and finished, but last night it was a struggle. It seems that I get all gung-ho about salads to finally realize I cannot force myself to consume them every day. So maybe I’ll try pacing them out.

Also, does anyone else experience arugula sticking to the roof of their mouth? It was really getting frustrating.



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  1. You can have too much of a good thing. Salad is more of a summer food here in the UK. It’s too cold for most of us in the winter!

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    1. Gwenlynn says:

      Hmm, I like that. More fruit are in season and less expensive during the summer, too! 😀


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