What’s up with Curd?

In a search for inspiration, I went to Pinterest to see what was trending… curd recipes, apparently. Raspberry, lemon, strawberry, cranberry, pineapple, orange, the list goes on and on of curd recipes you can find.

I haven’t made or tried curd before, so as any person on the internet would do I asked Google and found other blogs. Like this one, by Cooking Light, that lists 12 uses for curd. Very helpful, thank you!

Chocolate ganache caramel tart

To my delight, I found I now have an inch to explore making curd and some other recipes. We’ll see if I take action on that or not. Let me know in the comments if you are for a blog post on a curd kitchen adventure.

A few of the uses I found most appealing:

  1. __Insert fruit of choice__ curd tart
  2. Pancakes with a curd and fruit topping
  3. Roasted chicken with lemon curd
  4. Curd mixed in with your morning bowl of oatmeal

Now regarding the fourth one, I have yet to find a combination of topping to make oatmeal taste good, but I haven’t tried curd. So maybe I should give it a run for its money and see if I’ll finally find my oatmeal magic combo.

Blueberry tart with white chocolate

Check out the blog post here to read up on the other creative uses for curd. What’s your favorite idea or do you have a favorite curd recipe?



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  1. Cindy Schroeder says:

    I don’t know much about curd, but try oatmeal cooked with some frozen fruit like blueberries and raspberries that mix in easily after all have been cooked together. I even need to add sugar.

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    1. Cindy Schroeder says:

      Meant to say Do Not even need to add sugar.


    2. Gwenlynn says:

      So the hot oatmeal warms up the frozen fruit to blend it into a nice warm breakfast?


  2. Lemon curd is a British staple.

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    1. Gwenlynn says:

      What do you use the lemon curd with most commonly?


      1. Making lemon meringue pie, or just eating it on toast or bread. Delicious!

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