Simple Ricotta Basil Pasta

It’s nice when browsing through a cookbook that you find that recipe that sounds delicious and has simple cooking instruction. We found this pasta recipe gem in the We Care cookbook a few weeks ago and decided to try it out this evening.

We Care funds raised go to several organizations to help those in need. You can read more about their mission on their website here or by going to

We Care Ricotta Pasta

This Ricotta Basil Pasta recipe can be found on page 113 of the We Care cookbook.

This recipe is so simple, it felt like a breath of fresh air: Cook pasta per box, toss everything else in a food processor and then mix all together for a hot pasta dish to serve. It’s a great dish to know when you feel like a nice pasta dish and you don’t have the time or energy for anything complex.

ricotta spinach basil mix

The pasta definitely has a ricotta cheese and spinach taste which I think a sprinkle of parmesan cheese on top makes it all the better. Hurray lunches for Friday! Ben and I discussed over dinner how the sauce is a bit dry and thought that maybe adding some pasta water or heating it up over the stove may improve the dish next time.

Either step would add some heat to the sauce thus hopefully keeping the pasta warmer on our plates. I noticed that the cold sauce can quickly cool the pasta. Otherwise, we enjoyed an easy pasta dish with little cooking effort. 🙂

Ricotta Basil Pasta in a bowl



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