Trying out a Robot Vacuum

I have been considering what value a robot vacuum may have, as our house has a lot of hardwood flooring. We are currently borrowing my In-Law’s Roomba in order to test out how they work for us, before possibly buying.

With all the hardwood flooring I thought it might be nice to automate the sweeping. Especially since I currently only get around to a full sweep once a week and spot sweep throughout the week as I see dog hair puffs shift about on the floor.

Here are Emma’s initial thoughts:

Concerned Emma

She wasn’t so thrilled about the moving robot, but surprisingly she didn’t bark and growl at the vacuum. Just kept her distance last night when tried it out the first time. Today she appears to be a bit more curious but doesn’t want to get to close.

Observations based on running it twice:

It’s louder than I expected, not something I would want running while watching TV or be near while on a phone call.

Hurray, it fits under the hutch and other dining room furniture!

It gets quite confused and trapped for a bit under tables and around chair legs. I just about felt bad for the thing, but wanted to see if would finally find its way out and onto other areas, and it did after a bit.

Roomba under table

Apparently, the half bath is also a trap area.

According to the brand site, I wasn’t expecting it to make it over the hardwood transitions between rooms, but it did and that’s about a 3/4″ transition!

After two runs the collection bin was full and needed to be empty. I was happy to see that it was picking dog hair up. We also set a test and sprinkled shredded paper for it to collect and it does well in normal clean mode but spot clean tended to blow the paper farther around due to the exhaust.

All in all, we are still trying it out. Today I have it running on some hardwood and an area rug. I really hope to see a lot of dog hair picked up. 🙂

Do you have a robot vacuum? What do you think are the pros and cons?



*This is not a sponsored post

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  1. lulu says:

    It will be interesting to learn what you decide.

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  2. It would definitely make life a lot easier to have one of those, although I suspect I’d just end up laughing at it falling down the stairs!

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    1. Gwenlynn says:

      It has sensors so it doesn’t fall down the stairs. I was worried that the sensor wouldn’t allow it to make the hardwood transitions in our house. Apparently it can get over a 3/4 inch transition. I more so laugh then get annoyed when it gets confused with all the dinning table legs and chair legs, but it does eventually make it way out to more open areas.


  3. sunnyskiedlaura says:

    I currently live with my mom, but I REALLY want a robot vacuum when my husband and I move out again. I truly loathe vacuuming, it is my least favorite chore. When I was in Sweden this summer visiting my husband’s relatives, we learned that TONS of people in Sweden have robot lawn mowers. They were shocked that they weren’t a common thing in the US. Basically the same just…bigger and mows grass! I thought they were hilarious.

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    1. Gwenlynn says:

      I’ve heard of robot lawn mowers a couple of times, but didn’t know they were a common thing in other countries. I’m learning something new everyday! 🙂


      1. sunnyskiedlaura says:

        It was so funny to see them all over the place! 🙂

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        1. Gwenlynn says:

          Do you know how they work? How do they know to stay in one yard without a fence? Hmm I’m thinking I need to google this now.


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