Giving Hydroponic Gardening a Try

I love to bring a few plants in when it starts to get cold. Common recipes I make each week call for chives and basil and having it on hand is quite useful.

Grocery store bought bunches of greens often are much more than I need and I feel wasteful not having a use for the remainder in upcoming meals. Another reason that growing my own spinach and parsley makes my list of desired plants to have throughout the year.

So in and the past and currently, I have tried starting seedlings and bought established plants and they tend to do well during the summer but I am struggling now with the cold months.

The few plants I brought inside from the deck did well up till December. With the thoughts that my green thumb may not be as green as I thought I have toyed with the idea of getting a hydroponics system.

Such great fortune a friend is letting me borrow his AeroGarden to test out if it is something I’d want to invest in. So with the garden on hand, I ordered up some grow anything pods and found my seeds of choice.

The same evening the pods I arrived I had them seeded and placed in the garden.

Week 1 of AeroGarden

Now it’s time to sit back, refill the water and nutrients, and see what happens!

Do you have a hydroponic system? Does it work well for you? Any tips? Let me know in the comments below. Happy gardening! 🙂



*Not a sponsored post

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