A Week with a Robot Vacuum!

It’s been one week since we got a vacuum robot to try out. Here are our current thoughts based on our one week trial:


  • Running the vacuum every other day does keep the fur puffs down to manageable size and low visibility. The bin was almost full each time.
  • More time to do other things. Saturday I ran it and meanwhile was able to get other cleaning chores done and ready to have friends over. Simply put it was nice to start it and let it do its thing.
  • It docks itself, usually.
  • It makes the hardwood transitions in our house, thus allowing it to get the majority of our first level.
  • Emma does not bark at it. She got more curious over the week and comfortable with it but typically left it alone.


  • “Random” cleaning pattern, I know it has some algorithm but to us, it appears to be a chaotic pattern.
  • Had to close of two rooms, due it getting stuck in the half bath and not doing well over the laundry hall rugs.
  • Needed to help it out and move chairs so it can reach under tables better.
  • If I have a headache it seems too loud and Ben could hear it overnight.


Overall, I’d say its nice to have around. If we do decide to get one we’d prefer a higher-end model that can learn and become more efficient and hopefully quieter. With the higher-end model in mind, I would try to shop smart and wait for a great deal or buy refurbished or second-hand in good condition.

What are your thoughts?



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