A Clutter Problem: Too Many Notes

Have you ever reached a point of feeling pulled in too many directions? Where there is so much to do, but you can’t quite recall what though.
It doesn’t help that I have not solidified a way to deal with my impromptu notes. I jot items down on sticky notes and I stuff them in my bag to bring home with the intent to revisit that evening.

Similarly, I’ll find something noteworthy online and send myself an email with the URL. Sometimes these emails have short subjects or I leave them completely blank! Then there are the many times I don’t even send them to myself and leave it as a draft. Believing I’ll check my drafts folder. Like that happens. *eye-roll*
Here’s a couple of things I’ve sent myself recently:
  • Did you know Amazon Prime members get twitch perks! Neither did I till recently and of course, I sent myself an email with this URL, but hey at least I gave it a subject!
  • I’ve been thinking of making homemade granola bars and found this recipe on HowSweetEats.com
There is also incoming emails, snail mail, and anything else that finds its way on to the kitchen island. Kitchen counter clutter is the worst!
Finally, I reach a point of deep cleaning and organizing. Where I go through every item on the island and kitchen table. Assigning it to trash, recycle, deal with ASAP, and store for future reference. This pile often includes numerous sticky notes that made their way home but are now irrelevant.
Then I’ll need to scrub my emails, deleting expired offers and archiving important information. Then replying and reading others. Some of those I marked as read just to decrease the “number”. You know that bubble number that shows up on your phone or the number next inbox. I don’t like seeing it get too high and would actually prefer it to be 0 and not show up at all.
Pile of dishes drying
Part of my clutter clearing is cleaning dishes
So here I am at this point again of needing a good cleanse and organization session. Oh and don’t forget taxes, that is an additional hot item to get organized and done this time of year!
What tactics do you use to tackle or better yet stay ahead of the mental and physical clutter in your life?

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  1. Do you have a clear wall that you could actually stick all your stickies on when you get home? That might mean you do something with them! And it does help to see what you’ve achieved too, when you start out with a wall full of bright notes that then gets clearer and clearer as the day/week progresses.

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    1. Gwenlynn says:

      Hmm, I like that idea. I have a pantry door that I’ve been meaning to make magnetic, that would help the sticky notes stay up. Even more reason for me to get on that project sooner than later. I really do like getting things crossed off a list, it feels rewarding to see the list get smaller.


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