Somethings Just Keep On Giving

On Sunday I took the time to admire the beauty in my own backyard. Looking at the spring flowers grow I was reminded of the beauty of this world.

Purple blooms in the springtime. Check out the blog to see what other surprises I found in my yard!

It motivated me enough to get out a rake and start clearing part of the yard of fallen twigs.

While moving my raked piles to the old firepit location I was pleasantly surprised to find kale!

Kale! This kale is thriving again since it's winter slumber. Read more on the blog.

Somethings just keep on growing!

Last fall/winter we dumped out my container, that I had been using to grow spinach, kale, peppers, and green onions, on the spot hoping to add nutrients into the soil. Apparently, the kale liked the area enough that it grew back.

Emma had a good time enjoying the nice weather and I couldn’t help not snapping a few pictures of her, too.

What surprises are you finding this spring?



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  1. julie says:

    Volunteers are one of my favorite parts of gardening! Last summer, I had a beautiful Swiss chard growing _under_ the table I have my containers on. It didn’t seem to mind the full shade at all.

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    1. Gwenlynn says:

      Oh how wonderful!

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