Hydroponic Garden Update

Well, it has been… I forget how many weeks so let’s say awhile since I started the garden and gave an update. A few things have changed since then such as I chunked out the parsley. It grew up a bit and then became spotty and dry. Don’t worry it is being put to another use as compost.

Now I thought chives would do wonderfully since they are known to take over and grow if you don’t keep them in a pot. Yet they seem to have stopped producing.

Basil in Aerogarden

On a happy note, my basil is nice and tall, a bit too tall. So I guess I need to work on my basil trimming. I would love to have a bushy basil plant outside this summer. In lieu of summer, I replaced the parsley and chive plant with more basil seeds and I am thrilled to report they are doing well. 🙂

I have been enjoying picking a few leaving and cutting them up to garnish and add extra flavor to my dinners.

Any advice on how I could improve my other plants? Or do you have tips and insight for my spring and summer garden? I would really love to have fresh herbs and a few other veggies just a step away.



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