The Idea of a Weekly Power Hour


I was listening to the Happier Podcast and this idea of a power hour sounded great. You can listen to Gretchen Rubin’s podcast here. My understanding of the power hour is to knock out nagging tasks. Such tasks maybe changing a light bulb, moving photos off your phone or camera, sending a thank you, etc.

I know that I can accumulate several of these tasks, but I either never write them down (thus remembering them) or I just don’t tackle because it feels like too much effort even though it may only take seconds or minutes to accomplish.

Salmon with creamy mustard sauce on riceSalmon with creamy mustard sauce on rice. The part that I know I would love from implementing this power hour is the relief of having that task done. Being able to remove that item that I know I should just do but haven’t seemed to have completed already. I know when it is finally done I get a sense that a burden has been lifted. I am no longer carrying around this guilt of incompleteness.

Now I suppose time will tell if I can implement this power hour, finding a good time to dedicate to this happiness boost. It’s great when we can learn from others to help make things easier or less stressful. Recently have been trying harder to not let things worry and/or stress me out and I think this may be another step in the right direction.



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  1. The power hour sounds kind of sensible. But I’ll probably never get around to it. I’m turning into some sort of procrastination master these days!

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    1. Gwenlynn says:

      Ah I can understand, especially after a tiring work day I just want to relax and do nothing at home and this can become a pattern. But I find that I feel better when I’m knocking out these nagging tasks and then can reward myself with some relaxation and chill out watching TV shows.


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