Relax and Enjoy the Garden


Sometimes I get caught up in the work to be done and forget to lay back and enjoy the fruit of my labor or the china stored away for someday. With the latest move, I have decided that I should enjoy the nice things. So instead of only getting out my Mom’s china at holidays, I pull it out when I have friends over or fill up a pretty goblet with eggnog or chocolate milk.

Part of this shift is trying to overcome the fear of losing or breaking something. I struggle enough in my life with worry and stress that this is one way I am trying to combat those tiring thoughts, but just living and enjoying those things I have now.

Bleeding Hearts plant

With spring and summer here another part of my life I am trying to enjoy more is my backyard. I’ve updated the deck furniture to some fun colors and I’ve worked with my Mom to learn how to work on managing the garden space, aka weeding. Weeding is one my least favorite things, I did for one month between freshman and sophomore year in college and learned that it’s not my thing. Since I’ve been putting in the effort, I also want to also be able to sit back and enjoy it.

On nice days I like to eat dinner out on the deck. Watch Emma roll around in the grass and chase off squirrels. I like to admire the freshly cut grass and the blooms popping up.

Below is a pic of planter I put together for between two chairs. The upside down pots provide a space to place a glass or set down a plate while eating out. The bonus is the planted mint that you can just pick of a leave and enjoy!


Patio plant with mint and upside down pots for setting down a glass or plate

So while it’s a lot of work, I am glad that I can find time to enjoy it also.



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  1. CIndy says:

    So glad you feel free to actually use some of things you got from your grandparents and enjoy them.

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