August Must Be Our Busy Season

Here we are again in August. The blog is a year old now and I’ve been busy though it may not show here on the blog. It seems that when I look back at the last few years that things get busier around August. I could go back further and it would still be true with a new school year starting up and moving back to college.

Two Years Ago

Two years ago we were still rather recently married, I had completed the move to Ben’s apartment and we were settled in and had been fostering two cats! That year’s August was filled with apartment hunting, selecting a mover, and other moving logistics as Ben was taking a new job in September.

How it all rolled out was that he lived with his parents for half a month while we waited for our new apartment to be ready. I stayed behind till moving day, then drove up with a car packed full of more personal items and things movers won’t move – candles, aerosol cans, plants, etc…. The next day everything arrived and I began unpacking. Now, this move aligned with another special event. That following weekend post move and we were on the road to pick-up Emma. It was our early Christmas present to each other.

To sum the two years ago’s busy season, it was moving and then new puppy joys and housetraining.

Last Year

Last August our moving adventures continued, we bought a house! I had recently taken a job in the same town as Ben and it was an hour commute from our current place. Previous experience of mine taught me that I don’t do well on repetitive long drives, so we decided to start the house hunt.

We closed on our house at the beginning of August and with help from family and friends the next few weeks were filled with painting, tearing out the old carpet for new, weeding, and finally moving all our stuff. The move didn’t just involve items from our old apartment, but also included the clean out of my things from my parents. It was a lot going on. Oh and I cannot forget that fence system for Emma. Ah, the joys of just letting her out the door instead of walking her on a leash every morning.

Last year could be summed up as new homeowner joys.

This Year

The busy season has arrived again, but with no moving! Instead, we find our selves with a second puppy, Jack. So once again we are working on housetraining and introducing him to the fence outside.

I am finding that our evenings and weekends are often booked with appointments, lawn care work to be done, wedding events and preparation (my brother recently got married and my good friend’s wedding is in a couple months), keeping up with friends, deciding to replace another room’s carpet, and oh the attic project. For all of you readers that may not know, Ben works in the ag industry, so he disappears to long work days around harvest time. Meaning that we have a bit of a deadline to beat to get some of this work done around the house.

All in all, I like to keep on my toes. I am much better mentally and probably physically when I have things to do and I am not marathoning a show on Netflix! LOL.

If you’re in a busy season also I hope you don’t feel alone. Let me know in the comments about what keeps you busy. Does it come in seasons like mine?

P.S. Jack has his own Instagram if you want to follow for adorable pics, here!



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