Easy Green Onions

I have tried for a couple years now to grow green onions from seed and it typically just doesn’t work well for me. This year I got them outside into the ground and they did eventually grow but they are still no where near the size you can get from the grocery store.

So while browsing the internet I found out that I could keep my grocery store green onions alive and thus bigger and longer yields of greens over the summer. The longevity of this method can be fantastic. My best yet has been this summer when I have gotten them back into the ground.

Easy Grown Green Onions

  1. Pick up a bundle of green onions from your local store.bunch of green onions
  2. Place them in a glass of water in a sunny location for 1-2 weeks to allow roots to grow.
  3. Once you have established roots, plant in a pot or in your outside garden, keeping them in a place where they will get plenty of sun. In the photo below you can see how much mine have grown.

Green onion size comparison from store-bought and continued growth in garden

4. Then as needed cut off greens or near the end of the warmer months start pulling up whole plants to use the whites and greens for some delicious eats.

Green onions is one plant that I enjoy having on hand. I can step outside and snip a few greens for dish and not worry about wasting the remaining plant because it can keep growing.



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