I’m Excited About Leaves

Leaves on a small maple tree

To be honest a few days ago I wasn’t excited too much by seeing all the leaves covering the ground around our house. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t admire them and their pretty colors, but rather was disrupted by the thought of needing to rake them out of the yard.

On Friday I tackled the driveway. The work was quick, minus Jack getting in the way and wanting to attack the broom that I first started using. I switched to the rake, which was more efficient, and apparently not exciting to Jack. I filled up my cart three times and dumped leaves in garden areas that can use the cover. By Friday evening I was considering a leaf blower.

Close up of Jack stretching in the yard covered in leaves

A Leaf blower would be better suited to get leaves out of the rock beds and I am hoping is more time efficient than raking. Ben was on board to get one so by mid-Saturday we went and I looked a few models. We settled on a small backpack style that should last years to come.

Thus I am excited to test out the new toy (tool) and make progress in the yard work.

What have you recently been wary of working on? Did you find a way to make it fun and exciting, instead?



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  1. CIndy says:

    Just plugging away on integrating Grandma’s genealogy with mine and scanning sources. Always celebrate a little when I make a progress goal!

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  2. loristory says:

    My stepgrandson was obsessed with leaf blowers and weed whackers last year, so I wrote songs about them! Just in case you’d love to have a song about your new leaf blower, you can download it for 99 cents at https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/pacificbuffalo4


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