3D Printing Decor

My 3D printer arrived at the beginning of October and I have made a few things since and I have remade several things (due to sizing, calibration printing, etc.). Some of my favorites and longest prints have been my Halloween tealight decor pieces. I printed two jack-o-lanterns that took 12+ hours. It was my first over-night print but it did pretty wonderfully. (Yes I was nervous letting it go while I slept and also excited to see the progress in the morning)

My next longest print has been a couple of cute ghosts. I printed the two ghosts together one at 100% and one at 150% size. The larger one was perfect to fit a tealight under and it and the two pumpkins have been my kitchen table decor over the last month.

3d printed jack-o-lanterns white with electric tealights

Through these prints and others, I have learned more about printing (slicing) settings and that about 90% of prints fail on the first few layers. I have also been getting engaged in an online community on Facebook of wonderful people that help each other out (shout out to the Ender 3 group!)

I am currently working on exploring and developing my post-processing work. Learning sanding methods and painting styles. I’ll continue to update you as I learn more and develop some of my own designs.

Are you into 3D printing? How did you get into it or why are you interested? Let me know in the comments below. For me, a 3D printing lab opened towards the end of my time at Purdue and I utilized it to make my senior design games pieces and print a couple of fun things.



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  1. hastywords says:

    I am totally fascinated by 3D printing.

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    1. Gwenlynn says:

      I know, I love watching people’s time-lapse videos of prints being made. I think I’ve been bitten by the DIY project bug because I am walking around my house thinking ooh, I could do this or that.


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