Jack & Emma Trading Cards

What if Emma and Jack had trading cards? Was the line of thought I explored over the weekend. With humor intended and plenty of fun to have these below were born.

Emma Trading Card

Emma with her big ears and sweeping eye over the yard chases any squirrel that dares enter her domain. I often joke that between her and Jack she is the quarter horse, losing him with her quick turns and 180-degree changes in direction.

Jack Trading Card

Jack is very intuned to what he smells, be it the toy he started destroying that has now been placed up high or the dinner on the table. Oh and while we are still working on house training we have discovered his talent for dribbles. 😦

What would your dog’s playing card look like? If you make one please leave a comment I would love to see them. You can also tag Emma or Jack on Instagram! @emma_cardigancorgi or @jack_shepherdhusky

Graphics created using Corel Painter Essentials 4 & Canva.



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