NaBloPoMa 2018 day 7

Day 7 is here! Yippee, I’ve made it a week into blogging every day.

Honestly, I’m a bit out of ideas for the evening, as I am writing this the evening before. My day (Tuesday) has been busy. Meetings from 8am-4pm as we wrap of a scrum sprint and then work on a plan for the next two weeks. I had a decent break at lunch though, where I drove home to let Jack and Emma out, as Jack is only 7 months old. 

It is a nice change of senary to come home. I got in some time petting the puppies and grabbed some food. Today we were out of leftovers and I’m proud to say I didn’t pour myself a bowl of cereal. Instead, I made up a PB and Ham tortilla wrap (it was like a taste of childhood and it was delicious). I remember that I ate funny sandwiches growing up. One that I recall enjoying was peanut butter and summer sausage, those two alone are good and adding bread make it no less yummy.

Jack and Emma laying on the floor in the office

Here’s a picture of Emma and Jack hanging out in the home office, one evening.

How’s your day or week been? Busy like me or are you enjoy a relaxing lull in your workload? Let me know in the comments below.



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