Kitchen Sink Cookies

I’ve never made a kitchen sink cookie till now. I love the idea behind it. Getting to toss your delicious baking scraps into a cookie dough. I chose a chocolate chip cookie recipe for my base and then went to raid my pantry. Pulling out Christmas M&Ms, a small leftover bag of butterscotch chips, finished off a bag of pecans, and of course, chocolate chips were included in the cookie.


Kitchen Sink Cookies with red and green M&Ms, butterscotch chips, Chocolate chips, and finely chopped pecans.

The cookies came out wonderfully. I topped most of the cookies with a small pinch of sea salt to compliment the sweetness and the butterscotch flavor was quite prominent. Ben’s main note was more pecans next time (I think I chopped them too fine). The M&Ms add a nice texture, where the other ingredients are soft and melt in the mouth.

What would you toss in your kitchen sink cookies?



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