Pieces in various stages

I have made a few fun things now and they can be found in various stages of being a “finished” product. Finished being defined by opinion and by who you may ask.

Various 3d prints

The jack-o-lanterns I would call finished at this time, unless I do decide to sand them to create a smoother exterior. Yet for all intent and purposes, they were wonderful decor on my kitchen table the last few weeks and are being packed away till next season. 

The large tealight ghost is in a similar stage as the jack-o-lanterns. The smaller one I used to learn how to smooth the exterior and then I gave it a clear gloss coat of paint. So far I have learned that I am better at creating a smooth finish when sanding by hand. I am still working on determining when it is best to use the Dremel and when to not. It’s a learning process.

Dino 3d print undone

The little dinosaur I started on the Dremel and the tail smoothed out wonderfully, but I found more success on the rest of the body and head using my hands and folding sanding paper to get in small places and round the head. He currently has a coat of primer paint and I plan to hand paint him with some acrylics.

copper painted Evee

Last but not least is the Evee. I sanded her a little and was one the first I tried sanding. Once I was moderately happy (and maybe bit eager to get to painting) I worked on setting up to spray paint her with a hammered copper look. I tried propping her up on a rod so I could access nearly all sides (it didn’t work very well, I highly do not recommend putty) and then settled with setting her on a piece of cardboard and rotating it. Once dried I set her on the ear tips and tail to coat the bottom. In the end, the evee turned out well and now graces Ben’s desk.

Do you paint and finish 3d prints, if so do you have any tips or tricks for me?




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