Walk-in Attic Upgrade

The biggest project currently underway this month is upgrading our walk-in attic to be better insulated and conditioned so we don’t get the extreme temperatures. Thus allowing us to store more items in the area without much concern.

Attic ceiling with four lightsI would like to get my holiday decoration and childhood toys stored away out of our guest bedroom closets. One item in particular for concern are snowglobes. This is why we are looking to prevent extreme cold temperatures. On the other end, I may have some candles in boxes that need to not be subjected to really hot temperatures.

Attic knee wall frame

broom in atticWe initially took on the project ourselves and found that it was a bit much and timely, especially with harvest time approaching (yes we started quite a while ago). So a co-worker of mine provided me with some info for a great contractor and off we go. So far there has only been two days of work and it has already opened up and we can see a ceiling and knee walls forming.

Bench against attic wall Bench against attic wall of insulation

Do you have a big project on your mind?



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