Corner Desk Design

One project I am considering undertaking with Ben is creating a new corner desk. I have browsed Pinterest for ideas…

Senior design CAD work

My first experience with CAD was creating models for my college senior design project. My project was an electronic version of the board game Clue(TM).

Cute Dinosaur 3D Print

I love this little guy! The sanding and painting turned out great, and to boot, I had all the paint colors already at home!

CAD Plant Stand Design

One item I thought I might like to print someday is a couple of plant stands. Here is my first attempt at designing one for 3d printing.

Pieces in various stages

I have made a few fun things now and they can be found in various stages of being a “finished” product. Finished being defined by opinion and by who you may ask.

3D Printing Decor

My 3D printer arrived at the beginning of October and I have made a few things since and I have remade several things (due to sizing, calibration printing, etc.). Some of my favorites and longest prints…

Mixing Up a New Skill

I have recently made the decision to get a 3D printer. It is something for the last few years that I would every so often make a comment that “hey, if I had a 3D printer I could make…”