Walk-in Attic Upgrade

The biggest project currently underway this month is upgrading our walk-in attic to be better insulated and conditioned so we don’t get the extreme temperatures.

Happy Thanksgiving

From my table to yours I wish you a happy Thanksgiving! May you enjoy good company and delicious food. Whether its a small or large gathering, friends or family, I wish you all safe travels and God bless.

First Snow’s Morning

First Snow’s Morning: Winter’s kiss is upon the grass Crisp fresh air whips against your face Swirling crystals have fallen at last The morning surprise will soon pass Finding paw prints all over the place Treasure the memory for it soon will be the past Sweetly, Gwenlynn

I’m Excited About Leaves

To be honest a few days ago I wasn’t excited too much by seeing all the leaves covering the ground around our house. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t admire them and their pretty colors, but rather…

Easy Green Onions

The longevity of this method can be fantastic. My best yet has been this summer when I have gotten them back into the ground.

August Must Be Our Busy Season

Here we are again in August. The blog is a year old now and I’ve been busy though it may not show here on the blog. It seems that when I look back at the last few years that things get busier around August.

Relax and Enjoy the Garden

Sometimes I get caught up in the work to be done and forget to lay back and enjoy the fruit of my labor or the china stored away for someday. With the latest move I have decided that I should enjoy the nice things.

Hydroponic Garden Update

Well, it has been… I forget how many weeks so let’s say awhile since I started the garden and gave an update.

Pesto Pecan Quinoa

Happy May Day!
I remember celebrating May day as a little girl. My Mom and I would put together little floral arrangements…

Spring Gardening & Baking

Last weekend was quite productive. We went to an auction and got a great deal on some tools for Ben to start off our Saturday. Followed by some progress in our landscaping endeavor. 

Somethings Just Keep On Giving

On Sunday I took the time to admire the beauty in my own backyard to look at the spring flowers grow. Read more to find out what surprise I found!

A Clutter Problem: Too Many Notes

Have you ever reached a point of feeling pulled in too many directions. Where there is so much to do, but you can’t quite recall what though.

It doesn’t help that I have not solidified a way to deal with my impromptu notes. I jot items down on sticky notes and I stuff them in my bag to bring home with the intent to revisit that evening.

Week 3 Update on the Hydroponic Garden

It’s been almost 3 weeks now since I started my seeds in the AeroGarden. It’s been such a joy to watch the seeds sprout and grow up through the pods. Basil as typical was the first to come out.