Looking up

Often we find ourselves watching our feet…

I love traditional hymns

I love the traditional Lutheran service in part because of the hymns. They are familiar to me and thus beloved. The collective voice of a congregation brought together is full of passion, emotion, and community. 

Sims Home Designs

I think it was late elementary when I was first introduced to the Sims games. Somehow I fell in love with creating characters, homes, and playing out their days.

What’s up with Curd?

In a search for inspiration, I went to Pinterest to see what was trending… curd recipes, apparently. Raspberry, lemon, strawberry, cranberry, pineapple, orange, the list goes on and on of curd recipes you can find. 

Inspiration: Naked Cakes

Naked cakes seem to be trending in the last year or so. Whether you like to follow the flow or love the idea of a cake with minimal frosting, then this just may be the cake for you.

Inspiration: French Macarons

I first enjoyed a French Macaron at a little sweet shop that opened up in the town I was living in. They have a few flavors and I simply fell in love with how dainty and delicious they were. I was so excited about this sweet shop and these macarons that I took it as a challenge to learn to make them for myself.

Inspiration: Crafts and Cookies

Today’s post is to those who love to create delicious cookies that mimic other crafting styles and those who love to sew and paint.

Inspiration: Cookout

It is summer time and that can mean grilling, camp fires, and all sorts of fun. If you’re looking for a personal sweet treat to try or something to impress your guests I would suggest checking out these pins.