August Must Be Our Busy Season

Here we are again in August. The blog is a year old now and I’ve been busy though it may not show here on the blog. It seems that when I look back at the last few years that things get busier around August.

Relax and Enjoy the Garden

Sometimes I get caught up in the work to be done and forget to lay back and enjoy the fruit of my labor or the china stored away for someday. With the latest move I have decided that I should enjoy the nice things.

Deck the Halls (Home)…

We’ve been busy once again making an effort to organize stuff from our move in order to put out the Christmas decorations.

A Look Back

A just a quick look back over my blog posting history that started in July…. man was that an intense November. 

One Post Every Day in November

Day 1: Everyday November Day 2: In a Dog’s World Day 3: Cooking Bacon Day 4: Egg on Toast Day 5: Sorting Cookie Cutters

Onto December Soon

The November blog posting challenge will be wrapping up tomorrow. I’ll be posting a recap of my post of over the last month as wrap up but have decided to take this evening to reflect.

Ikea Plants

On Sunday Ben and I explored the new Ikea with some good friends. Here are a few thoughts:

1. It’s massive. 2….

Everyday November

A new month with new goals to set. Last month I was pleasantly surprised to find that I like pumpkin recipes. I tried some main dishes, desserts, and even a dip. Now into November, I am challenging myself to blog every day. 

It’s National Coffee Day!

Who knew! Apparently today, September 29th, is national coffee day here in the US. So as I go grab a cup of coffee maybe with some hot cocoa mixed in, you can check out my recent coffee related posts. *wink wink*