Cute Dinosaur 3D Print

I love this little guy! The sanding and painting turned out great, and to boot, I had all the paint colors already at home!

CAD Plant Stand Design

One item I thought I might like to print someday is a couple of plant stands. Here is my first attempt at designing one for 3d printing.

Pieces in various stages

I have made a few fun things now and they can be found in various stages of being a “finished” product. Finished being defined by opinion and by who you may ask.

3D Printing Decor

My 3D printer arrived at the beginning of October and I have made a few things since and I have remade several things (due to sizing, calibration printing, etc.). Some of my favorites and longest prints…

Mixing Up a New Skill

I have recently made the decision to get a 3D printer. It is something for the last few years that I would every so often make a comment that “hey, if I had a 3D printer I could make…”