It’s National Coffee Day!

Who knew! Apparently today, September 29th, is national coffee day here in the US. So as I go grab a cup of coffee maybe with some hot cocoa mixed in, you can check out my recent coffee related posts. *wink wink*

How I Started Drinking Coffee

I did not grow up in a coffee drinking family. The only coffee in the house were a couple things of instant coffee stored in the pantry and forgotten about except on Thanksgiving day. On Thanksgiving, we got out all of my Mom’s nice china which included a set of coffee cups and saucers. Following the main meal, my Mom would set the kettle and offer up coffee, decaf and caffeinated (we did at least have options) and tea. 

Food Photography: Biscuits & Coffee

As I continue my blog, I’ve decided to work on building my photography skills. Check out the three photos below from a post-work snack I had last week.