The Gift of Cooking

For my birthday in November, I was given the gift of “Do Something”. My something happened to be a cooking class yesterday evening with my husband, Ben.

Cooking Therapy

Sometimes chopping away at some ground beef to make it into small pieces can be therapeutic in a way.

Cooking Bacon

A couple nights ago I made a quiche lorraine, filled with mild cheddar cheese and bacon! This made me think about how I always recall microwaving bacon while growing up.

Pumpkin in My Mac n’ Cheese!

Some people binged on ramen in college, I had my boxes of mac n’ cheese. So I was quite happy to see that my pumpkin recipe magazine included a pumpkin mac n’ cheese. No surprises on this one, I totally liked it, but I would say it’s better made with a partner in the kitchen.

Trying Pumpkin… Alfredo

This fall I am making a pointed effort to try pumpkin. With the season change and with seeing pumpkin this and pumpkin that, popping up everywhere, I’ve decided to see if I can find something I can enjoy. Personally, I’d prefer a raspberry or concord grape pie to pumpkin, so I’ll skip the pie.

Thus I happened upon this Pumpkin Alfredo recipe by Yellow Bliss Road.

In the Kitchen: Spices

Spices, a key ingredient that makes the difference. The element that can make a dish “Mom’s” or “Grandma’s” home cooked meal from any other similar dish you come across. When I am in the kitchen I want my spices to be easily accessible and not have to hunt around to find that I need.