Deck the Halls (Home)…

Deck the Halls (Home)…

We’ve been busy once again making an effort to organize stuff from our move in order to put out the Christmas decorations. Cleaning up areas to make the main rooms cleaner and such. Maybe we will finally have that one sofa chair to sit in… hmm what an idea. I suppose that would mean I need a place to put the stuff that is currently residing on the chair.

Bunny and Goose Xmas Pillows

So far the effort has been to make room for the cut Christmas trees that we picked out last weekend with some friends. We happened to find a nice tall tree and topped it off and then had to top it off again some more at home to make it actually fit…. The heel to toe measuring method isn’t exactly precise so we got a bit more tree than we expected. ­čÖé But we made it fit and it up with lights and an angel on top, no ornaments yet. We still have work to do.

Merry Christmas Chalkboard

Otherwise, I put out a few other items and my precious moment’s nativity. What decorations do you put out? Live or Artificial┬átree?