Spicy Pasta with Sausage

How I got to this spicy pasta recipe was through some improvisation. The recipe I was trying to replicate called for chili pepper flakes a seasonings I don’t have. So I improvised with chili powder and red pepper flakes.

Pumpkin and Chocolate, Yes Please!

Whoever first decided to put pumpkin and chocolate together, was a genius. A few Sundays¬†ago we also made a pumpkin coffee cake from the same recipe book as the ginger pumpkin scones. I noticed in the book that apparently pumpkin and chocolate can go together as noted in other recipes… and well we had some chocolate chips on hand and decided to toss them into our coffee cake.

Recipe Creation

So I have a peanut butter cookie recipe from a relative and have been recently been working to try and modify it to make my cookies more soft and chewy. I make a switch in my ingredients last week and was very excited with the outcome. I think I am finally starting to get my recipe where I want it to be. So I documented by taking photos of the cookies! Check them out below. How do you like your cookies? crunchy or chewy?

Homemade Rolled Ice Cream

I’ve been seeing this lately all over, ice cream made in a flat sheet, scraped up into rolls, and served. It looks so cool. I found a recipe and thought I would give it a try. Check out the photos below. Note I think I need to give it another go, but next time half the recipe for my baking sheet so the ice cream is thin and easier to roll and fewer sprinkles. My sprinkle density ended up a little high since they sank to the bottom and I didn’t realize how much I had already put in.¬†