Some Mornings with Emma

Some mornings with Emma start off with lazy belly rubs or are full energy and insist fetching of tennis balls.

It’s Freezing Outside

It’s been below zero (Fahrenheit) where I live for a few days now, I think it about time to just say it. Brr!!

New Camera

Ben gave me a DSLR camera, a Canon EOS Rebel T6, early for Christmas this year!

Productive Rainy Day

Yesterday was just one those rainy days when you stay inside where it’s nice and warm and feel like curling up to take a nap. Which yes I did nap, but also managed to get a few things done.

November Sunset

After being cooped up inside all day Emma and I went outside to toss around the tennis ball. I took the time to snap a few pictures and play around with the slow-mo on my phone.

In a Dog’s World

Every day after work I get to come home to this amazing four-legged friend, Emma. Day 2 of my blog every day in November challenge I am going to blog not about food but about my Corgi named Emma.