In the Kitchen: Baking Sheets & More

Continuing from my post about how I organize my spices I decided to share a bit more about my kitchen organization. In past apartments, I have had a free standing baking sheet holder and kept in on top of my fridge. I kept it there because that has been the only space that would allow for my long baking sheets and be out of the way yet accessible. So I was very pleased to see that above the built in microwave and oven there were already some dividers in place. 

In the Kitchen: Spices

Spices, a key ingredient that makes the difference. The element that can make a dish “Mom’s” or “Grandma’s” home cooked meal from any other similar dish you come across. When I am in the kitchen I want my spices to be easily accessible and not have to hunt around to find that I need.

From House to Home: Unpacking Begins

I have heard and agree with the generalization that most people gravitate and gather in the kitchen of a home. With this in mind and the already accumulated clutter in the kitchen I decided to start there with my unpacking endeavor.